Teleradiology allows connections between hospitals and radiologists or other hospitals for the purpose of transferring images for diagnosis or consultation.

Hospitals with modalities but no radiologists can send images to outside radiologists for diagnosis.

Teleradiology allows image acquisition for hospitals without modalities, and diagnosis for images for hospitals without radiologists. It also allows large hospitals to cost effectively store and manage patient images and information from remote clinics. Increases in revenue and savings on costs make teleradiology a viable and beneficial solution.

Emergency procedures can be sent out for consultation from specialists.
Remote and specialist services can be sought for consultation.
One radiologist can consult all remote sites from a central hospital.

Consultation over tele-conferencing between remote hospitals can be made.
Cooperative diagnosis of the same patient can be made concurrently.
Prompt and precise diagnosis of patient is possible.

Diagnosis can be made at a radiologist's home or remote location.