Through the interface with each Modality, RAYPAX stores the medical image in its PACS server. Modality interface methods can be classified by modality type such as DICOM modality and non-DICOM modality.

The RAYPAX DICOM Gateway (Acquisition Server) observes the DICOM 3.0 standard.
The RAYPAX DICOM Gateway acquires a medical image from the other PACS system or medical imaging modality. The DICOM Gateway also provides Query/Retrieve service.

If the modality can support the DICOM 3.0 standard, RAYPAX DICOM gateway accepts this medical image and stores it in the PACS system.

For the best quality medical image, we recommend using the native DICOM image provided by the medical equipment manufacturer. Therefore, the DICOM 3.0 interface can be done by cooperation between the RAYPAX and medical modality manufacturer.

The modality support by video stream such as Ultra sound generates an analog video signal. The RAYPAX Video Acquisition Workstation converts an analog signal to a digital image by the DICOM 3.0 standard and transfers the digital image to the RAYPAX DICOM gateway.

The RAYPAX Film Digitizer manager scans the Medical Film and converts to a DICOM 3.0 Digital Image.
Then RAYPAX Film Digitizer manager sends the image to the RAYPAX DICOM Gateway and stores the image to the RAYPAX Server