The QC Workstation is RAYPAXí»s quality management workstation that provides an excellent set of tools to guarantee the best possible image resolution for radiologists.
The main user of a QC workstation is the pre-assigned radiology technician who can modify the patientí»s image information, review the images and perform specific image processing.

In addition, the QC Workstation provides a convenient user interface with various image processing functions such as an exam browser that edit exams information. It also offers a fast and stable set of work tools for adjustments in workflow for the imaging department.

The QC Workstation delivers a customizable and personalized interface for font choices, tool box configurations and menu variations.

  Exam Merge/Split/Delete/Restore/Edit
  Series Merge/Split/Delete/Restore/Change Order
  Image Delete/Restore/Change Order
  CD Export
  Image processing(Optimized for Intel architecture)
  Exam Browsing
  Scout Image Generation
  Cine/Stack View
  User Customization(UI:Toolbar Configuration, Font, etc)
  Film Print, Paper Print, Report Print
  Server Selection
  Manual Stack