Image Server provides secure and accurate storage and management of patient images and information.
The Image Server is a mission critical PACS Intranet database server, comprised of the Short Term Storage(STS) and Long Term Archive(LTA) components. The STS allows instant access to recent patient images and information, while the LTA stores older images that are pre-fetched into the STS for access.

The STS is controlled by the STS Manager, which manages recent or regularly accessed patient information and images. Short-term Storage, ranging up to several Terabytes, is provided by hard disk drives that are in a RAID configuration for security and speed.

The LTA is controlled by the LTA Manager, which manages patient images that have been archived on WORM(Write Once Read Many) media. Since medical images are required by law to be stored for at least 7 years in the US, older images are stored on various types of media(such as CD, DVD, MO, AIT, DLT) that can also be kept offsite for safe keeping.

  Reliable Management of Patient Images and Information
  Redundant and Fail-Safe Operation
  Flexible Storage Configurations
  Automatic Lossy Compression Option for Long Term Storage
  Automatic Historical Images Pre-Fetching
  Wide variety of Available Storage Media