The RAYPAX Digital X-Ray Workstation is an application that allows the radiologist to review, modify, annotate, and digitally record the diagnosis. The Workstation gives the radiologist full access to the completed exams. These exams are stored on the RAYPAX Server or the long-term archiver. The Workstation can access all exams on the short-term or long-term archiver without registering any pre-fetch commands.
In addition to the normal duties performed by the radiologist, there are other tools and capabilities. The radiologist can identify key images and forward a copy to colleagues for their diagnostic opinion. Selected exams or specific images can be sent to a network printer or a local desktop paper printer.

The hanging protocols for each radiologist automatically follows them as they sign in on the network. Hanging protocols can be changed or modified through a simple user interface. The set of tools for the radiologist are very similar across all RAYPAX products for simplicity and ease of learning.

  Image Acquire
  Image Processing and Annotation
  Image Capture
  Image Send
  Image Print
  STS Manager