Display Workstation is a high-end display system for rapid soft-copy reading by radiologists and physicians on Windows-based systems.
The Display Workstaition's main function is to process images from the Image Server so users can review them for diagnostic or clinical purposes. It provides all the standard image processing functions you would expect as well as various other functions, such as personalized settings for DDP(Default Display Protocol) and hanging protocol, cine and stack view modes, and optional 3D image rendering.

It also manages radiological workflow by providing workflow macro functions and voice recording, and manages patient exams using an exan browser.

  Image processing(Optimized for Intel architecture)
  Voice Recording System
  Exam Browser
  DDP(Default Display Protocol) and Hanging Protocol
  Scout Image Generation
  Cine/Stack View
  User Customization(UI:Toolbar Configuration, Font, etc)
  Film Print, Paper Print, Report Print
  Workflow / Report
  3D Function(MIP/MPR/Volume Rendering/Virtual Endoscopy/Surface Rendering)
  Server Selection
  Manual Stack